Sensory Spaces at Marion County Department of Child Services

I sat down with directors at Department of Child Services in November to discuss how Ausome Indy could serve their children.  During that discussion the directors told me that children are often in their offices for several hours, sometimes overnight while proper placement is found.  Sometimes, these children have outbursts and behavioral problems while in DCS offices.  The directors shared that they knew they needed to make changes to help these children through this rough transition, but they weren't sure exactly what to do.  Our discussion led to sensory spaces, the benefits they often have for children on the spectrum, and how they could help children of all abilities who experience trauma.   We decided that all three Marion County DCS offices would benefit from a sensory space inside their office for children to use.  We began to share this information with supervisors and case managers  and the feedback has been extremely positive.  Staff can not wait to use these spaces and tools to help children work through tough transitions.  

Sensory spaces have been shown to help children calm and focus themselves in order to better interact with others.

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