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 Providing life changing access to resources for children with autism.

 Ausome Indy is a volunteer run 501c3 nonprofit serving children in the child welfare system.  Through partnerships with community organizations, Ausome Indy reaches children with autism who are in Indiana’s foster care system. Working with therapists, case managers, foster families, parent laisons, and other community partners; Ausome Indy provides life changing access to sensory and communication tools for Indiana’s most vulnerable children.  

 Indiana has twice the national average of referrals to child protective services. Children with autism are nearly 3x more likely to be in foster care.  In fact, many of these children enter foster care because they have complex medical needs that their families cannot manage, often because of limited resources. Ausome Indy’s goal is to reach these children as early as possible with life changing access to resources that help them self-regulate, find comfort and establish routine – giving them the best opportunity to comfortably navigate the world around them.

Ausome News

  In 2020, we are launching sensory spaces in all three Marion County Department of Child Services offices in order to help children work through transitions and traumatic events.    

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